Proactivet Healthy Senior 7+ Multivitamin 90 tablets -

Proactivet Healthy Senior 7+ Multivitamin 90 tablets


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Proactivet Healthy Senior 7+ is a multivitamin complex designed for dogs of all breeds from the age of 7 years. It slows the symptoms of aging, promotes the immune system and keeps the dog in excellent condition.

Detailed product information

Proactivet Healthy Senior 7+ contains a balanced combination of vitamins, minerals and trace elements that are often lacking in the nutrition of an older dog. It has a positive effect on the stimulation of the immune system of the dog, improves its condition and activity and enables your senior to experience a happy old age.

Proactivet Healthy Senior 7+ is designed for dogs of all breeds from 7 years of age. For dogs of giant breeds (weighing 50 kg or more) it is appropriate to supplement nutrition from 5 years of age.


Dogs up to 22 kg are given 2 tablets and dogs over 22 kg 3 tablets a day. The tablets are administered by direct administration as a pamper, or crushed and mixed in the food. Long-lasting, optimal length of use: 3 months.


Calcium 20 mg, potassium 4 mg, sodium 10 mg, magnesium 1.5 mg, iron 1.5 mg, copper 50 mcg, manganese 125 mcg, zinc 1.7 mg, vitamin A 750 IU, vitamin D3 75 IU, vitamin E 7.5 IU, vitamin B1 120 mcg, vitamin B2 325 mcg, vitamin C 10 mg, vitamin B5 340 mcg, niacin 1.70 mg, vitamin B6 120 mcg, folic acid 25 mcg, vitamin B12 4 mcg, biotin 10 mcg, vitamin K1 10 mcg, choline 20 mcg in one tablet.

Ingredients: wheat germ, corn syrup, dried or defatted liver, cane sugar, brewer's yeast, sorbitol, lactose, silica, cellulose, safflower oil, magnesium stearate.


Only for animals.

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