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Proactivet Obesity 90 tablets


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The complete nutritional supplement OBEZITA helps with compliance with regime measures to reduce harmful fatty stores.

Detailed product information

Extra pounds in a dog are not just an aesthetic problem. Fools can make obesity seriously uncomfortable even shortening life! With excess kilo, the dog loses his agility, he breathes quickly, his physical activity is constantly decreasing. Return your joy to your dog! Treat him with the complete nutritional supplement of OBEZITA, which, while adhering to regime measures, helps to reduce harmful fatty stores. It tastes great and can be replaced by favorite meals at the recommended dosage.

How do I know my dog ​​is overweight?
Every dog ​​is different. It depends on its size, its overall constitution and its breed. You should, however, be able to visibly detect a narrowing at the waist and feel the ribs.

What Obesity Causes
Surplus Intake of Energy and Its Inadequate Delivery. The dog receives more food or energy-rich diets (snacks, human food, cooked food) than is able to give it, and at the same time has a lack of movement and a lower energy expenditure. 
If you are sure that your dog has the right eating habits and regular and vigorous movement, the problem may be somewhere else, such as Endocrinological Diseases. 
Castration - it affects obesity only indirectly. Overweight in this case causes hormonal changes. Castrated animals are quieter, less active, so energy is lower. After the operation, it is advisable to adjust the feed rate and possibly increase exercise activity.

What should I do if my dog ​​is overweight or obese
? Be first of all with you. Be aware of how and how your dog feeds, how often you go out with him and how long and intense the walks are. In 99% of cases of obese dogs, the condition is due to the owner's approach. You can not help the dog by his concessions, just the opposite.

Obesity is a disease and needs to be approached. In dogs it happens much faster and has more serious consequences than in humans. Such diseased dogs have a problem with joints, heart and cardiovascular system, motion apparatus, diabetes, skin problems, and overall health. Obesity can be cured, you only need to be consistent in your dog's new regime.

The OBEZITA nutritional complex will help your dog lose weight.                                                                                                                        

Snižte krmnou dávku cca o 15 % a přejděte na jeden typ krmiva. Kvůli přehlednosti jsou ideální granule, protože mají konstantní složení a snadno určíte jejich množství.
Krmte dvakrát denně. Nejlépe ráno a večer. Ranní dávku můžete ještě rozdělit a dát ji pejskovi třeba jako odměnu po výcviku.
K redukční dietě psa zařaďte výživový komplex OBEZITA, tablety mají hovězí příchuť a obsahují látky, které zrychlují metabolismus a spalování tuků, takže při dodržení režimových opatření pomohou vašemu čtyřnohému příteli rychleji zhubnout.
Choďte na pravidelné procházky. Vezměte psa ven třikrát denně a procházky postupně prodlužujte. U starších psů, kteří mají problémy s klouby, je vhodným pohybem například plavání.
Hang on. The dog, who was used to eating five times a day and lying on the couch, will make you typical dog's eyes. But do not let yourself be mired and be consistent, your perseverance and determination are in his best interest.     

The product is designed for overweight dogs, up to heavy obesity. 
Tablets have a unique composition. They contain substances that accelerate the metabolism of fats and are also sources of vitamins and minerals: calcium pyruvate and green tea are fat burners, citrus bioflavonoid, chrome, brewer's yeast, and cambrian garcinia are a source of vitamins C and a complex spectrum of B vitamins and minerals. 
BACKGROUND have beef flavor tablets, so your dog will accept it as a treat. 
Instructions for use :
The OBEZITA nutritional complex is designed for overweight and overweight obese dogs while adhering to overweight reduction measures. Tablets are given daily, directly into the muzzle or with a piece of food, 10-20 minutes before a meal, according to the recommended dosage. The product may be used for as long as necessary to achieve the desired animal weight. 
Dosage :

Animal weight

Up to 10kg




Over 40kg

Daily dose

1 tablet

2 tablets

3 tablets

4 tablets

5 tablets

Composition and content of the active substances in one tablet:
Calcium pyruvate 425 mg, Brewer's yeast 150 mg, Cambodian garlic 75 mg, Citrus bioflavonoid 25 mg, Green tea extract 25 mg, Chromium 50 g. 
Excipients: Flavor powder, dried / defatted liver, cellulose, sorbitol, stearic acid, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide. 
Notice : 
Only for animals! Protect from children and uneducated persons. Use up to the date indicated on the packaging and within four months of opening. The product must be stored in a dry place at temperatures between 5 ° C and 25 ° C. Protect from direct sunlight. 

Start with all measures gradually and after consulting your vet.

Package : 90 tablets

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