Prospan cough syrup 100ml

Prospan cough syrup 100ml


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Herbal medicine to dissolve mucus in coughs associated with colds.

With the power of ivy, Prospan loosens the mucus, clears the bronchi and soothes the cough. Prospan is purely vegetable, well tolerated, suitable for all ages and available in various forms of application. The proven Prospan cough syrup effectively relieves coughs and tastes pleasantly fruity like wild cherries.
Children especially love him. It is ideal for use at home. Suitable for children from 1 month (up to 12 months after consulting a doctor), without sugar, without alcohol and without coloring. Suitable for diabetics.


Adults, adolescents and school children: 3 - 5 x 5 ml.
Children from 1-5 years: 3 - 5 x 2.5 ml.
Infants aged 1-12 months: 1 - 2 x 2.5ml.
The use of Prospan cough syrup in infants should only be done after consulting a doctor.

Special instructions:

For children from 1 month.


2.5ml liquid contain 17.5mg dry extract from ivy leaves Extracting agent ethanol 30% (m / m). Contains sorbitol (sugar substitute) and potassium sorbate.

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