Protefix Dentures Fixation cream 47 g

Protefix Dentures Fixation cream 47 g


  • $26.50

Protefix® Fixative Cream is the ideal solution for a wide range of adhesion problems. Protefix® Fixative Cream is recommended for tackling adhesion problems even with strong saliva formation. It is easy to apply, is neutral in taste and does not affect the natural taste of the food and drink consumed.
Extra strong and effective on wet prostheses
  • Unlike many other fixative creams, Protefix® fixative cream is applied directly to a wet prosthesis. 
  • The strong grip of the cream acts immediately. 
  • Effective sealing of the edges of the prosthesis will help prevent food residues from entering the dentures. 
  • The long-lasting effect will guarantee the user certainty and independence when eating, drinking or laughing. 
  • Even hot drinks have no negative effect on grip. 
  • Due to its consistency it is easy to apply. 
  • Use only once a day.
47 g

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