Puhdistamo Pine Bark Extract 50ml

Puhdistamo Pine Bark Extract 50ml


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PINE BARK EXTRACT (Havupuu-uute) (Pine Bark Extract)
  • Liquid extract from the bark of Finnish pine originating from Lapland
  • Antioxidant extract from trees from an untouched area of ​​Lapland in northern Finland
  • A unique, purely Finnish food supplement
  • Just drip into any drink
  • Holistic (holistic) composition of the product
  • Excellent bioavailability
  • Premium quality - the product contains only active ingredients
  • Premium purity - free of ballast additives, binders, fillers and artificial sweeteners
Puhdistamo pine extract is prepared from the bark of Finnish pines growing  in an untouched area of ​​Finnish Lapland. It is still unaffected by toxic pollution, so it literally offers natural resources.
History - The European pine drink first came into the hands of Europeans in the mid-16th century, when it was offered to starving French sailors plagued by scurvy by the Quebec Indians. Centuries later, one of its properties was very well described - it enhances the absorption of vitamin C and other antioxidants.
Active ingredients - Pine bark extract contains dozens of active ingredients and, among others, substances called oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPC), whose properties are related to the condition of blood vessels, the level of oxidative stress and inflammatory processes. Therefore, it is used in diabetes, in the need to stabilize blood sugar, in chronic inflammation and also as a support for sports performance - pine bark extract has properties related to the level of nitrous oxide in the blood serum.
The active substances contained have another specific property, thanks to which they are valued - they are used for problems and diseases of the eye.
The bark for Puhdistamo extract is gently collected from the tops of young pines growing in Finnish Lapland. This area is one of the untouched corners of Europe that is not affected by toxic pollution.
Wild young pine trees from Lapland = maximum purity and efficiency
Thanks to its original genotype, natural development and growth (wild nature) and the unique climate of Lapland, the wild Finnish pine offers absolutely above-standard nativity and effect (natural form in full force). This is a real original from a direct Finnish producer (direct source)!

The product does not contain lactose, milk and gluten.
The product does not contain gelatin or additives of animal origin.

Developed and manufactured in Finland.
Country of origin of the raw material Lapland.



The premium brand Puhdistamo offers a unique range of ethical food supplements, original adaptogens from Lapland and selected superfoods of the highest quality. The uncompromising and passionate approach to the maximum possible quality is literally encoded in DNA, ie in the basic genetic information of the whole brand! The individual products contain only a pure mixture of active ingredients, all without the content of ballast additives, binders and fillers. Premium raw materials are selected from sources that correspond to the natural occurrence of the species, whether it is the natural wealth of the Nordic forests in Lapland and Finland, or other top locations around the globe. The overall holistic concept of the brand is based on the connection of nature and modern scientific knowledge. This holistic approach provides unique nutritional and synergistic botanical formulations that are deeply effective and precisely balanced.

Country of origin: Finland 

1 ml = 1 drop twice a day. The daily dose corresponds to 2 ml. The package contains 25 daily doses. Add to coffee, tea, smoothies or protein drinks.
Number of servings per pack: 50 (25 daily doses)
daily dose 2 ml
Pine bark extract ( Pinus sylvestris )
200 mg
of which pronthocyanidins
100 mg
Water, alcohol (20%), Pine bark extract ( Pinus sylvestris ).
Dietary supplement. It is not a substitute for a varied diet. Do not exceed the recommended dose. Store in a dry, cool place, out of reach of children. Protect from light. Do not take with antibiotics or intravenous glucose. Talk to your doctor if you are taking blood thinners or if you are pregnant or breast-feeding.

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