Puhdistamo Triple Zinc 60 capsules

Puhdistamo Triple Zinc 60 capsules


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TRIPLE ZINC (Triple Zinc) (ZINC)
  • Organic / chelate-bound zinc in three forms: picolinate, bisglycinate and monomethionine
  • Additive of vitamin C and citrus bioflavonoids
  • Additive for the bioactive form of vitamin B6 (coenzyme P-5-P)
  • Additive of free forms of amino acids (glycine, histidine, cysteine, lysine, methionine)
  • Holistic (holistic) composition of the product
  • Excellent bioavailability
  • Premium quality - the product contains only active ingredients
  • Premium purity - free of ballast additives, binders, fillers and artificial sweeteners



One of the highest quality products with organically bound zinc on the market! Absorption and usability of zinc is one of the most challenging issues. We have devoted a lot of time to the entire solution and development of this exceptional product in our premium research.

We were the first to select the best absorbable and usable forms of organically / chelate-bound zinc (picolinate, bisglycinate and monomethionine). We added a combination of free forms of important amino acids, those that support optimal absorption, and finally we added vitamin C, which optimizes the effect of zinc to support the normal functioning of the immune system. Our product also contains a rare form of the active coenzyme vitamin B6, P5P, ie Pyridoxal-5-phosphate. Among other things, P5P improves the utilization of zinc in our body and stimulates the production of picolinic acid, which perfectly supports the absorption of zinc.

When this quality of raw materials is combined with the quality and gentleness of the whole production process, which means capsules with zero ballast additives and we add production in our own factory in Lempäälä (Finland), we are really talking about a top-level product.

The product does not contain lactose, milk and gluten.
The product does not contain gelatin or additives of animal origin.

Developed and manufactured in Finland.
Country of origin of the raw material United Kingdom.



The premium brand Puhdistamo offers a unique range of ethical food supplements, original adaptogens from Lapland and selected superfoods of the highest quality. The uncompromising and passionate approach to the maximum possible quality is literally encoded in DNA, ie in the basic genetic information of the whole brand! The individual products contain only a pure mixture of active ingredients, all without the content of ballast additives, binders and fillers. Premium raw materials are selected from sources that correspond to the natural occurrence of the species, whether it is the natural wealth of the Nordic forests in Lapland and Finland, or other top locations around the globe. The overall holistic concept of the brand is based on the connection of nature and modern scientific knowledge. This holistic approach provides unique nutritional and synergistic botanical formulations that are deeply effective and precisely balanced.

Take 1 capsule daily. The package contains 60 daily doses.
Number of servings per pack: 60
1 capsule (% RHP *)
30 mg (300%)
Vitamin C
75 mg (94%)
Vitamin B6
2 mg (142%)
* RHP - reference value of vitamin and mineral intake.
Zinc picolinate, zinc bisglycinate, zinc mono-L-methionine sulphate, L-ascorbic acid, citrus bioflavonoids, glycine, histidine, cysteine, lysine, methionine, pyridoxal-5'-phosphate, capsules (cellulose, water).
Dietary supplement. Not suitable for children under 3 years. It is not a substitute for a varied diet. Do not exceed the recommended dose. Store in a dry, cool place, out of reach of children. Protect from light. Contains a round absorbent to reduce any moisture, do not consume!

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