Pure Swiss Colavital lyophilized Collagen 70 cubes -

Pure Swiss Colavital lyophilized Collagen 70 cubes


  • $38.50

Colavital  SWISS

The only lyophilized collagen with RSVital  on the market!

Colavital  SWISS

  • Helps keep joints healthy and flexible 
  • Helps keep moving joints 
  • Contributes to long-term joint strength 
  • 100% natural composition - no side effects
  • easily digestible
  • small size - easy to swallow even without drinking
  • pleasant fruity taste


Colavital SWISS is made in Swiss-Czech cooperation, special LyoMIX technology of collagen lyophilization and RSVital additive . Lyophilization is a technology that uses freezing and drying to dehydrate and preserve substances. Lyophilized Colavital SWISS is extremely lightweight and contains no additional chemical preservatives.

It has the ability to absorb water, so it produces collagen gel a weight of up to 100 times greater than in a lyophilized state - the daily dose of Colavital  SWISSgives the organism at least 2,000 mg of collagen gel.

Colavital  SWISS is designed for people of all ages. It is designed for children and adolescents, people with physical activity and athletes, for people with excessively stressed joints, due to overweight, but also for the elderly, with movement and joint problems.

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