Quinton Isotonic ampoule 30x10 ml

Quinton Isotonic ampoule 30x10 ml


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Quinton Isotonic is a cold microfiltered seawater from specific plankton areas where high concentrations of organic minerals are due to plankton exposure.

Quinton Isotonic draws on plankton areas in the oceans. These places are areas of abundance, the water here is clean and rich in organic minerals. Phytoplankton converts inorganic minerals into organic minerals, as well as on land, thanks to the food chain, plants transform minerals into available for the other part of the chain. Zooplankton, which feeds on them, then secretes a pure, fluid rich in organic minerals called sea ​​plasma , which is found only in these areas. It supplies all the necessary minerals to the body in balanced proportions, which is very important to be able to "work together" and help the body function properly. It contains 78 organic minerals and trace elements.

Isotonic concentration corresponds to the natural concentration of minerals in the body. The original hypertonic solution is diluted with spring water with low mineral content for optimal concentration. It is used to supplement minerals and maintain them in the body.

How to take Quinton Isotonic:

Optimal dosage : 1 ampoule in the morning on an empty stomach, 1 ampoule at noon, 1 ampoule in the evening.

Maximum 6 ampoules per day. Hold the liquid for a while and then swallow.


For 60 ml (maximum daily dose): sea water 29%, water 71%, chloride: 345 mg.


It is not a substitute for a varied diet. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage. Keep out of reach of children!

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