Regulax picosulphate drops 50 ml -

Regulax picosulphate drops 50 ml

kreuel Meuselbach

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Regulax drops is an effective laxative for short-term use for adults who are troubled by constipation.

Detailed product information

Regulax Picosulfate Drops is a mildly active laxative that resolves short-term discharge problems . It is not suitable for the treatment of long-lasting constipation, increasing the risk of severe constipation. The use of the product should be preceded by regimens :

  • Increase in fiber intake
  • Ensure adequate drinking
  • Ensure regular movement

In pregnancy and breast-feeding, the product may only be used with the advice of a physician.


Adults use 14-27 drops in the evening before bedtime to allow them to be emptied in the morning. The effect usually occurs in 10-12 hours. If the problem persists, contact a doctor. Do not take drops for more than one day without consulting your doctor.


The active substance is natrium picosulfas 7.5 mg in one milliliter (= 20 drops).

The other ingredients are sorbitol 70% non-crystallising, propylene glycol, purified water.

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