Renovality Cold pressed rosehip oil 100 ml

Renovality Cold pressed rosehip oil 100 ml


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It is valued for its regenerative effects, protects the skin affected by adverse environmental effects and promotes its vitality.

Rosehip oil is easily absorbed and does not leave a greasy film. You can use the oil in pure form or add it to creams and lotions. It is applicable not only to skin and body, but also to hair.

Use : For dry and mature skin.

Ingredients: Rosa Rubiginosa Seed Oil

Dosage and use:

Use on skin or skin. The ideal result is achieved by applying the product at night after removing make-up. With the dropper, remove the required amount of oil into the palm of your hand, warm it in the palm and then apply it to the skin. Rub into the skin.

Hair Tonic: Massage the scalp with oil and then rub in the hair all the way, wrap in a towel and leave for 10 minutes, then rinse.


For external use only! Not suitable for pregnant and nursing mothers. Not suitable for people with acne.


Store in a dry and dark place at room temperature. Once opened, use within 3 months.

Our motto:

Vegetable oils are like vegetable gold. So we treat them as well ... We use the best purple glass to pack oils. Violet glass = perfect packaging for excellent products. Violet glass guarantees the bioactive stability of our products. The influence of light always accelerates the process of molecular breakdown of natural products. Violet glass acts as a natural filter that protects and improves oil quality. Our oils are of pure natural origin. They are cold pressed only from carefully selected plants, which also guarantees their perfect quality. They contain the highest possible amount of bioactive substances. Oils are well absorbed. In principle, we do not add any mineral oils, synthetic substances, preservatives or dyes to our oils.

Content : 100ml

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