Reparex For beard and mustache against grey hair 125 ml

Reparex For beard and mustache against grey hair 125 ml


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The beard and mustache REPAREX not only stains the beard from the outside as a color, but stains it from the inside. This restores the natural color of the beard along its entire length. Therefore, there are no different color gradients. The natural color of the beard will return within 7-14 days, but a noticeable difference is in many cases noticeable as early as 5 days from the start of application. The beard and mustache reparex is specially formulated for beard because it is harder and harder for water to penetrate. Regularly use this product to restore the color of your beard. Do not apply to colored beards.

Working principle Reparex - oxidized melanin, which is in gray beard, is reduced by the enzyme alpha-reductase contained in the product, which makes melanin color and gray beard restores the original color from its interior


  • Restores the beard to its original color
  • There are no color gradients
  • Restores the color of the beard from within


Water, glycerol, castor oil, vitamin B5, silver nitrate, propylene glycol.


Apply the product in small doses once a day to the roots of the beard.

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