Respirator FFP2 PREMIUM 10 pcs

Respirator FFP2 PREMIUM 10 pcs

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Protect yourself and others! The FFP2 PREMIUM respirator is designed to protect its wearer by filtering inhaled air and to reduce the risk of infection between people . It is made of cotton and nonwoven with elastic straps to attach to the ears. With comfortable material and shape that does not fit directly to the mouth and is very comfortable . Five-layer protection meets FFP2 class criteria and filtration efficiency is at least 95% . It is a medical device according to Directive 93/42 / EEC and also a personal protective device according to Regulation 2016/425. One time use.

Main features:

  • filtration efficiency is at least 95%
  • comfortable material and comfortable shape
  • One time use


Wash your hands thoroughly, or use alcohol-based disinfectants before putting on a protective respirator. Do not touch the respirator after putting it on. When removing, touch only the rubber bands or the side panel. Dispose of used respirator in a closable waste bin and wash your hands thoroughly again. The respirator is for single use only, do not reuse.

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