Revox Just Rose Water Avocado Oil Eye Cream 50 ml

Revox Just Rose Water Avocado Oil Eye Cream 50 ml


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Revox Just Rose Water Avocado Oil reduces puffiness in the eye area and reduces the first signs of aging. Deeply hydrates, soothes and brightens dull skin.

When the skin around the eyes begins to show the first signs of aging or dehydration, reach for Revox Just Rose Water Avocado Oil. A deeply moisturizing eye cream with avocado and almond oil and rose water reduces puffiness in the eye area and reduces the first signs of aging . Deeply hydrates , soothes and brightens dull skin. Avocado and almond oil protect the skin from hydration loss and stimulate its natural regenerative abilities. Rose water cleanses and tones the skin , relieves redness and swelling. It balances the skin's pH and helps unify skin tone.


  • deeply and long-term moisturizes the skin around the eyes
  • reduces swelling and redness
  • reduces signs of aging
  • unifies skin tone
  • tonic


Apply a small amount of the product to the skin in the eye area and tap the product into the skin with gentle movements until it is completely absorbed. Combine with: Caffeine-containing products for a comprehensive eye care routine.


It is recommended to perform a sensitivity test before the first application. If you experience discomfort after use, stop using the product.

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