Rosen Octan gel 40 g

Rosen Octan gel 40 g

Rosen Pharma

  • $24.50

Acetate in the form of a gel for immediate use in the field.

Immediately at hand when biting insects, bruises, sprains and mechanically caused swelling. Easy and quick to use for children. It has a cool, astringent effect and helps to absorb swelling. Keep with you when doing sports, outdoors, on the go.

At home, continue with the application of cold compresses;

First aid kits to each
return to the tradition of
time-tested product
Safe (lead-free)


Use in:

  • mechanically caused swelling
  • bruises
  • sprains
  • insect bites
  • provides immediate relief
  • has astringent and cooling effect
  • prevents swelling
  • the soothing effect is potentiated by the use of ice water

Weight: 58g

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