Royal Pharma Chlorella Pyreinodosa 600 tablets Vegan BIO vitamins Detox Diet -

Royal Pharma Chlorella Pyreinodosa 600 tablets Vegan BIO vitamins Detox Diet

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Genuine Royal Pharma - Taiwan
CHLORELLA PYRENOIDOSA - 600 tablets (120 gr)
Quality Chlorella Pyrenoidosa with disrupted cell wall with up to 80% absorbability. 
It detoxifies the body, strengthens the immune system, promotes blood circulation, helps reduce fatigue . 100% pure product without added substances.
Royal Pharma Chlorella (600 tablets) 120 g

Chlorella pyrenoidosa is a microscopic green freshwater algae. It is likely to be one of the oldest organisms on the planet Earth. Her age is estimated to be over 2.5 billion years old.

Chlorella is the richest source of chlorophyll in the world and, due to the high content of naturally valuable nutrients, is a suitable nutritional supplement for a healthy lifestyle. Chlorella Royal Pharma belongs to products of the highest quality, its absorbability is up to 80%.

Why our chlorella ...

  • Chlorella pyrenoidosa
  • 100% pure product without added substances
  • DEZINTEGRATION - disturbance of solid cell wall = absorption of min. 80%
  • Country of origin: TAIWAN
  • Quality certificates

Quality first

Chlorella Royal Pharma is grown in Taiwan, on an island in the Pacific Ocean. There are ideal climatic conditions for its growth, clear water from mountain springs, clean air and sunshine guarantee its first-class quality.

100% Chlorella powder is used for production, no binders or dyes are used. Drying at low temperatures STEAM guarantees maximum preservation of all active substances.

Chlorella Royal Pharma is modified by the DEZINTEGRACE (cell wall disruption) process, which guarantees a minimum 80% absorbability.

Addition of vitamins and minerals

Chlorella Royal Pharma has a high content of nutritionally valuable nutrients and is called "concentrated vegetables". Contains, for example, Vitamin A, C, D, B2, B12 and minerals such as iron, zinc, exor, magnesium and many others. Important is the high content of chlorophyll, a very important green dye, which gives the plants energy from solar radiation. Chlorophyll has very favorable properties for the human organism.

Effects of Chlorella

  • detoxifies the organism
  • promotes intestinal peristalsis
  • promotes the vitality and activity of the body
  • supplementation of nutrients, vitamins and amino acids
  • promotes the natural defenses of the organism
  • has rejuvenating effects
  • promotes the formation of red blood cells
  • improves the quality and health of the skin
  • reduces cholesterol levels in the blood
  • removes the body of poisons, heavy metals and chemicals
  • reduces the acidity of the indoor environment

For whom Chlorella is suitable

  • for anyone who cares about their own health
  • for expectant and nursing mothers
  • for athletes
  • for people with health problems


It is very useful to use Barley and Chlorella Royal Pharma at the same time for a long time, because their effect on joint use is increasing severalfold.

Recommended dosage

Adults - up to 20 tablets a day (in regular doses 3 times a day). Children from 3 years of age - up to 5 tablets a day.

Use of this product requires adequate drinking. Chlorella should be taken during or after meals but always at least an hour away from classical medicines! People who start taking Chlorelly Royal Pharma initially may take 2-4 tablets a day and gradually increase the dosage. In general, a sufficient dose for each of us is one that permanently causes greenish stool staining.


This product is approved as a dietary supplement. It is not a substitute for a varied diet. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage.

The product fulfills the following criteria:

Gluten-free product

Food suitable for people with celiac disease. It may contain a maximum of 20 mg / kg of gluten.

Product suitable for vegans

The product does not contain animal products nor has it been used for animal production.

Product suitable for vegetarians

No animal was harmed for the production of this product.

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