Royax Respirator FFP2 size M 5 pcs

Royax Respirator FFP2 size M 5 pcs


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Quality certified respirator with  high filtration efficiency for single use . The FFP2 class respirator from the Czech manufacturer Royax fits snugly to the face and significantly reduces the possibility of droplet transmission. The sewn-on tab at the top of the mask guarantees perfect ergonomics for everyone. The Royax respirator has a 4-layer construction, with two layers of excellent meltblown filter material that is electrostatically charged . The electrostatic element attracts and then traps the smallest particles , while remaining easy to breathe . The respirator is designed to protect against living organisms such as viruses and bacteria, sponges and also fine dust, fibers, water mist, oil - based mist. The valveless design ensures that the user does not exhale potentially harmful organisms to others in the environment. This professional respirator is suitable for both individuals and for use in healthcare, government, companies and businesses.

Main features:

  • filtration class FFP2
  • high filtration efficiency
  • close to the face
  • adjustable nose clip
  • significantly reduces the possibility of droplet transfer
  • also suitable for use in healthcare
  • gentle on the skin
  • One time use
  • size M

Filtration class FFP2

The Royax respirator with filter class FFP2 provides a medium degree of protection . Protects against moderately toxic particles, harmful mutagens, fibrogenic substances, asbestos, harmful dust, smoke and aerosols up to a concentration of 10xNPK / PEL, with a filtration efficiency equal to or higher than 95% . The FFP2 Royax respirator complies with the EN 149: A1: 2000 standard .


  • protective layer - spone bond, non-woven insulating material against the passage of large particles
  • 2 filter layers - meltblown, velvet fabric absorbs small particles
  • second protective layer, gentle on the skin - spone bond, non-woven fabric without irritating effects on the skin


  • Wash hands before using a new respirator.
  • Lift the respirator to the face and position it so that the nose and mouth are covered.
  • Secure the respirator by pulling on the straps behind each ear.
  • Gently grip the nose and adjust the fit over the nose and around the face comfortably and elegantly.
  • Hold the front of the respirator with both hands and check that it fits properly and that there is no air leakage around the mouth and nose.
  • Replace the respirator with a new one as soon as it is wet.
  • Replace the respirator at the latest after one shift (maximum of 8 hours).
  • When not in use, store respirator in suitable clean packaging.
  • The respirator is for single use only.

Remove the respirator

The respirator may be contaminated during use, so do not touch the front of the respirator. Remove the respirator by the earloop and discard immediately. Wash your hands immediately afterwards.


  • Do not use if respirator is extremely crumpled.
  • The respirator damages washing with alcohol, water and detergent, autoclaving and other forms of heating.
  • Do not use if anything prevents a good seal between the face and the edges of the respirator, such as a beard.
  • Do not use in an oxygen deficient atmosphere below 19.5%. Do not use in poorly ventilated areas. Do not use for fire fighting or sandblasting.
  • If the respirator is damaged or contaminated by respiratory secretions or other body fluids, it must be replaced and disposed of as medical waste .


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