Saloos 100% BIO Coconut oil 250 ml

Saloos 100% BIO Coconut oil 250 ml


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Bio coconut oil has a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications. It is suitable for daily care of  dry and sensitive skin of the whole body and face - it moisturizes , softens and prevents its drying out. In the summer it regenerates and hydrates after sunbathing, in winter it protects it from frost. It is directly destined for massages . It spreads well and absorbs well, its exotic aroma enhances the relaxing experience. It adds shine to the hair and contributes to its vital appearance. It is also suitable as a shaving balm or depilation .

A typical characteristic of coconut oil is its solid consistency, which melts at approximately 24 ° C. Our coconut oil is processed in a gentle way by cold pressing. It does not contain preservatives, synthetic, coloring or fragrances.

Main features:

  • It softens the skin
  • Regenerates and hydrates
  • Slightly spread - suitable for massages
  • Also suitable for sensitive skin


100% organic coconut oil.


Massage the appropriate amount of oil into the skin and let it work.

About the brand

Thanks to its high quality, the Saloos brand has been awarded the “ Certified Natural Cosmetics  label . Carefully selected vegetable oils, cold pressed organic oils and rare essential oils contain a large amount of bioactive substances, vitamins and minerals in their natural form.

Saloos products do not contain preservatives, dyes or perfumes and are also suitable for sensitive skin, which is difficult to tolerate common products.