Saloos 100% Extra Organic Rosehip Oil 20 ml

Saloos 100% Extra Organic Rosehip Oil 20 ml


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The high content of carotenoids contained in the oil gives it a typical deep orange color and thanks to gentle extraction it retains a pleasant rosehip aroma. The skin tints slightly, unifies the natural shade and thus increases its attractiveness. You will appreciate this feature especially if you are prone to pigmentation.

Rosehip oil moisturizes and is rich in antioxidants, sterols and vitamins that fight free radicals and slow down the skin aging process. It is especially suitable for mature, demanding, sensitive or problematic skin. It is suitable for the treatment of healed scars, for example after acne, burns or surgery.

Extra organic rosehip oil is obtained by the modern method of CO 2 extraction. It is not a chemical treatment, but a very gentle method of producing bio vegetable oil using carbon dioxide, which is obtained when liquefying the air. The properties of Extra Organic Rosehip Oil treated with CO 2 extraction are comparable to cold pressed oils.

Main features:

  • It unites skin tone
  • Hydrates and regenerates
  • The skin is fresh and vital


100% organic rosehip oil.


Massage a small amount of oil into moistened skin. It is easier to apply and absorb.

About the brand

Thanks to its high quality, the Saloos brand has been awarded the “ Certified Natural Cosmetics  label . Carefully selected vegetable oils, cold pressed organic oils and rare essential oils contain a large amount of bioactive substances, vitamins and minerals in their natural form.

Saloos products do not contain preservatives, dyes or perfumes and are also suitable for sensitive skin, which is difficult to tolerate common products.

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