Saloos Calendula baby oil 50 ml

Saloos Calendula baby oil 50 ml


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Baby marigold oil is the most natural choice for everyday treatment of baby skin from birth. It is suitable for lubrication of the whole body and especially in the area of ​​diapers , where it helps quick recovery of irritated skin .

The skin of young children and babies is very thin and extremely sensitive because their sebaceous glands are not yet fully functional and produce less lipids. To avoid drying and subsequent irritation, the lipid layer should be supported. A blend of cold pressed organic oils will give the immature baby's skin the best nutrition and protection, lubricate and soften . Almond and evening primrose oil in combination with Marigold extract also contribute to their soothing effects .

Main features:

  • It cares, soothes, regenerates
  • Effective and gentle care from the very first days of your child's life
  • Pure natural organic product without preservatives and perfumes


Cold pressed vegetable oils: bio sunflower, bio sesame, almond oil, bio evening primrose; marigold extract, vitamin E.


Spread a small amount of oil in your hands and gently massage into your baby's skin after bath.

About the brand

Thanks to its high quality, the Saloos brand has been awarded the “ Certified Natural Cosmetics  label . Carefully selected vegetable oils, cold pressed organic oils and rare essential oils contain a large amount of bioactive substances, vitamins and minerals in their natural form.

Saloos products do not contain preservatives, dyes or perfumes and are also suitable for sensitive skin, which is difficult to tolerate common products.

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