Salus 100% natural essential oil Lemon 10 ml

Salus 100% natural essential oil Lemon 10 ml


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Salus Lemon is a fresh 100% natural essential oil . You can use oil with a strong citrus aroma on its own or as a base for fragrance mixtures. Keep it on hand during mental exertion or if you are dejected. You will especially appreciate it for example when you have a cold. It refreshes, neutralizes odors , finds use as a part of household cleaning products, repels mosquitoes and in diluted form relieves itching after insect bites. The oil is suitable for bath or sauna as well as refreshing massage.

  • Cleans and refreshes the air.
  • Neutralizes odors.
  • Insect repellent.

Salus Essential Oils are 100% pure natural products of the highest quality. The choice of traditional plant growing sites and the right processing technology ensures exceptional quality and efficiency.


100% natural oil of Citrus limon. Origin of Italy.


Aromalamp: Drip 3-8 drops into water in the aromalamp. For muscle massage : Mix 10-25 drops with 50 ml of vegetable oil for a refreshing muscle massage. Refreshing bath: Mix 3-10 drops with a little milk or honey and add to the bath.

You can combine vegetable oils and essences to create a personal massage oil of your imagination.


Not to be taken internally. Do not use on undiluted skin.

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