Sanct Bernhard Magnesium 400 mg powder 60 sachets

Sanct Bernhard Magnesium 400 mg powder 60 sachets

Sanct Bernhard

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Magnesium Sanct Bernhard has a pleasant raspberry taste. Its application is easy - it is not necessary to drink it, so it is perfectly suitable for traveling and pocketing during sports performances.

Magnesium is an indispensable mineral element that performs its role predominantly in bones, muscle cells and blood:

  • It helps to normal muscle activity - during sport and increased physical exertion, or muscle relaxation during sleep.
  • It contributes to the normal condition of bones and teeth.
  • It affects normal nervous system activity and normal psychological activity.
  • It contributes to normal energy metabolism and reduces fatigue and exhaustion.

How to take Sanct Bernhard Magnesium 400 mg powder:

1 sachet will cover the daily need for magnesium. Pour into mouth and allow to dissolve freely. No need to drink. A variant is to dissolve the sachet in a glass of water.


Sorbitol, Trimagnesium citrate (5% magnesium), magnesium oxide (14% magnesium), acidity regulator citric acid, sodium bicarbonate, natural flavor, silica.


Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage. Excessive magnesium consumption can have laxative effects. The product is not intended as a substitute for a varied diet or a healthy lifestyle.

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