Sanct Bernhard Nasal spray with sea salt 20ml -

Sanct Bernhard Nasal spray with sea salt 20ml

Sanct Bernhard

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Sanct Bernhard nasal spray with sea salt contains panthenol and hyaluronic acid. As a result, it naturally regenerates and moisturizes the nasal mucosa. The sea salt contained in the spray is also suitable for sensitive nasal mucosa. The spray does not contain any preservatives.

Sea salt nasal spray Sanct Bernhard serves as a supportive treatment for colds or hay fever, moisturizes the nasal mucosa in case of too dry air in heated and air conditioned rooms. It releases the nose, gently cleanses and regenerates the mucosa when moving in a dusty or seasonal pollen irritation. Thanks to him you will be able to breathe freely again.

How to make a Sanct Bernhard Nasal Spray with Sea Salt:

1 - 2 times a day in each nostril. Suitable for children from 2 years.


Sodium chloride 0.9% sodium salt solution, dexpanthenol and hyaluronic acid sodium salt.

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