SANOVA Glycerine suppositories Classic 10x2 g -

SANOVA Glycerine suppositories Classic 10x2 g


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Medical device against constipation, to ease emptying (by adjusting bowel movements), to soften stool and other difficulties. For children and adults.

Detailed product information

Suppositoria glycerini SANOVA Glycerine suppositories Classic 2g 10pcs
  • For children and adults
  • Suitable for pregnant and nursing women
  • No serious side effects
  • Fast onset of action (within minutes of application, 10-30 min.)
  • Also suitable for fissures and hemorrhoids
  • Easy to apply, right at the point of effect
  • It acts specifically in the colon
When to use Suppositoria glycerini Sanova? 
Suppositoria glycerin Sanova is a medical device against constipation, to ease emptying (by adjusting the bowel movements), to soften stools, in the case of anal hole problems (eg hemorrhoids), painful cracks in the anal hole (fissure), even in bedridden patients.

Suppositoria glycerin Sanova promote the induction of stool and bowel emptying in several ways. Contact with the rectum causes the evacuation reflex. The effect of glycerin is to soften the stool and provide a slippery surface of the intestines, making the stool easier to eliminate. The effect occurs within minutes of application when glycerin is released from the mass of the suppository and acts on the rectum. During treatment, the shape of the suppository does not change as the moisture in the rectum is not sufficient to dissolve it. This feature ensures that the suppository is eliminated in almost unchanged shape during emptying. 

When can Suppositoria glycerini Sanova not be used? 
Do not use Suppositoria glycerin Sanova if you are allergic / hypersensitive to glycerin or any of its components. 

What should I be careful of when using Suppositoria glycerin Sanova?
In the case of unexplained / unusual difficulties in the abdomen or lower abdomen and in inflammatory bowel diseases consult Suppositoria glycerini Sanova with your doctor. If the symptoms persist, or if the desired effect has not been achieved with the suppositories, seek medical advice immediately. 

Can Suppositoria glycerini Sanova be used during pregnancy and during breast-feeding? 
Use of Suppositoria glycerini Sanova is possible during pregnancy and during breast-feeding. 

How to use Suppositoria glycerin Sanova? 
Suppositoria glycerini Sanova should be removed from the inner packaging into the anal hole after unpacking. 

Infants and young children:
1 g Suppositoria glycerini Sanova 1g as needed. 

Children and adults:
If necessary one piece Suppositoria Glycerin Sanova weighing 2 g. 

Adults if necessary:
If necessary one piece Suppositoria Glycerin Sanova weighing 3 g. 

What side effects may cause Suppositoria glycerin Sanova? 
With this type of medical device, side effects are exceptional. Exceptionally, "rectal" discomfort or burning sensation in the rectum may occur. 

What is the composition of Suppositoria glycerini Sanova?
  • 1 g of suppository contains 0.8 g of anhydrous glycerin
  • 1 g of suppository 2 g contains 1.6 g of anhydrous glycerin
  • One suppository 3g contains 2.4g of anhydrous glycerin
Other ingredients: stearic acid, sodium hydroxide, water. 

What to watch out for? 
The expiry date is on the carton and container. Do not use the product after this date. Keep out of reach of children in a dry place below 25 ° C. 

Pharm. Fabrik Montavit Ges.mbH, Salzbergstrasse 96, 6060 Absam, Austria 

Distributor in the Czech Republic:
Medindex spol. s ro, Olštýnská 607/1, Praha 8, Czech Republic 

Medical device. Available without prescription in pharmacy. Read the package leaflet carefully before use. Ask your doctor or pharmacist for proper use and any side effects. Active substance: anhydrous glycerin. 

10 pcs Suppositoria glycerini SANOVA Glycerine suppositories Classic 2g 10pcs

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