Sarapis Soja 30 capsules

Sarapis Soja 30 capsules


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  • Sarapis Soja is a food supplement for the climacterium period . It also has beneficial effects before and after menopause. It is also suitable for women who do not want or cannot take hormone replacement therapy.

    Sarapis Soja contains

    • red clover , which contributes to comfortable menopause
    • royal jelly that promotes natural defenses and immunity is considered to be an elixir of youth and, in combination with pollen, has a beneficial effect on hormonal activity
    • bee pollen , which is an antioxidant and acts on the cardiovascular system
    • Vitamin C , which contributes to normal nervous system activity and normal mental activity
    • vitamin D3 , which contributes to the normal level of calcium in the blood and thus positively affects the normal condition of the bones
    • Vitamin B6 , which helps reduce fatigue and fatigue and regulates hormonal activity

    Climacterium is not a disease, but we should not take it lightly. The first symptoms begin to appear mostly 6 to 7 years before the last menstrual period, which comes on average between the 49th and 51th years of a woman's life. These difficulties may continue for several years. Prevention plays a very important role in this area - a healthy diet, a varied diet rich in vitamins and trace elements, the consumption of soya dishes, etc. Adequate physical activity is also important .


    Take 1-2 capsules a day . In case of more severe problems, take 2 capsules a day (in the morning on an empty stomach and in the evening). We recommend taking it for a long time.


    24 mg lyophilized royal jelly (equivalent to 72 mg fresh), 180 mg flower pollen, 100 mg fermented pollen, 68.75 mg soybean extract and 25 mg red clover extract. The two extracts contain a total of 37.5 mg phytoestrogens. 20 mg of vitamin C, 3 mg of iron, 2.8 mg of vitamin B6 and 5 µg of vitamin D3 per capsule.

    Flower pollen, fermented pollen, hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, soybean extract, iron gluconate, red clover extract, royal jelly, vitamin C, vitamin B6, sucrose, acacia E414, corn starch, vitamin D3.


    Not for children. It is not intended as a substitute for a varied diet. Not for people sensitive to bee products. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage.

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