Scholl Active Sport shoe insoles gel for women 1 pair -

Scholl Active Sport shoe insoles gel for women 1 pair


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Scholl GelActiv ™ sport shoes SPORT.

Detailed product information

GelActiv ™ Shock Absorbing Technology 
Why use Scholl GelActiv ™ - SPORT?

They are designed to effectively cushion shocks and help reduce running or sporting excessive pressure. Strong foot arch support and damping layer are designed to fit the inserts into sports shoes.


- GelActiv ™ Technology 
- Strong foot arch support for active legs 
- Foot , knee and ankle shock absorbers 
- The orthopedic insole is designed for all day comfort

To avoid tired feet: 
- Wear shoes that fit well and provide your feet with proper cushioning and support. 
- Move well enough to stimulate blood circulation. 
- During the breaks, sit down and put your feet in an elevated position. 
- Maintain optimal body weight.

The Scholl GelActiv ™ technology  provides excellent shock absorption ** and damping thanks to the ergonomically developed gel packs integrated in the orthopedic pad. GelActiv ™ effectively cushions micro shocks and helps to reduce the excess pressure that the feet are exposed to during daily activities.

Design of orthopedic insoles: Scholl GelActiv ™ orthopedic inserts help to reduce excessive pressure on the foot due to the effective interface layout and pressure distribution. * The term joints refers to the joints at the bottom of the foot, such as the knees or ankles.

** Unlike orthopedic insoles.

Instructions for use:
- Adjust the size if necessary. Cut off the line that marks the size of your shoes, or use the original orthopedic pad as a pattern. 
- For best results, remove the existing orthopedic insoles and replace them with Scholl GelActiv ™ orthopedic inserts, which are inserted with the gel side down. Replace the inserts if they show signs of wear.

We recommend replacing orthopedic insoles every six (6) months.

- A - 37-37,5 
- B - 38-38,5 
- C - 39-40 
- Full size - 41-42

- A - 42-43 
- B - 44 
- C - 45 
- 46.5 - Full size - 48.5

Can be used for: 
- Sport shoes. 
- Sneakers.

Cleaning instructions: To clean, simply wipe with a cloth soaked in warm soapy water (do not leave soaked).

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