Scholl Gel Active Everyday Men Insole 1 Pair

Scholl Gel Active Everyday Men Insole 1 Pair


  • $43.50

Amazing GelActiv ™ Shock Absorbing Technology Everyday
Why Use Scholl GelActiv ™ Orthopedic Insoles - Every Day? The double gel cartridge has been shown to effectively suppress micro shocks and help reduce excessive pressure from walking and daily activities. A harder gel cartridge provides support for the foot arch and heel, while a softer gel cartridge provides excellent cushioning.


- GelActiv ™ technology
- Shock absorption all day
- Excellent cushioning
- Orthopedic pad shape is designed for all-day comfort

How to prevent tired feet:
- Wear shoes that fit well and provide proper cushioning and support for your feet.
- Move well enough to stimulate blood circulation.
- During breaks, sit down and put your feet up.
- Maintain optimal body weight.

GelActiv ™ Technology: GelActiv ™ technology delivers excellent shock absorption * and cushioning capability thanks to ergonomically developed gel cartridges integrated in the orthopedic insert. GelActiv ™ effectively cushions micro shocks and helps reduce excessive pressure, such as walking or running.

Orthopedic pad design : Scholl GelActiv ™ orthopedic pads help to reduce excessive pressure on the foot, thanks to the efficient interface layout and pressure distribution. * Unlike orthopedic insoles.

Instructions for use:

- Adjust the size if necessary. Cut according to the line that marks the size of your shoes, or use the original orthopedic pad as a model.
- For best results, remove the existing orthopedic pads and replace with the Scholl GelActiv ™ orthopedic pads with the gel side facing down. Replace the inserts if they show signs of wear.

We recommend that you replace the orthopedic pads every six (6) months.

- A - 37-37,5
- B - 38-38,5
- C - 39-40
- Full size - 41-42

- A - 42-43
- B - 44
- C - 45-46,5
- Full size- 48.5

Can be used for:
- Normal daily work shoes.
- Sport shoes.
- Flat shoes.

Cleaning instructions: To clean, simply wipe with a cloth dampened in warm soapy water (do not soak).

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