SD-Codefree Glucometer + 50 extra strips -

SD-Codefree Glucometer + 50 strips


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Glucometer without coding! Very easy to use. Unique self-priming sensor with gold electrodes.

Detailed product information

Very easy to operate - no need to calibrate the instrument with a code chip - unpack each new test strip.

Large and easy to read display.

Unique SD Codefree self-priming sensor strip

Just a very small drop of blood -cca 0.9 ul  

Measuring range: 0.55 - 33.3 mmol / L, Fast - 5 second measurement!  

USB connection to PC (optional), Gluco DMS software free download

Memory for 500 measured values, incl. date and time  

Label with "before meal" and "after meal" (for a clearer overview of the measured results)

Monthly, 14-day and weekly average of pre / post meal readings

Post-meal measurement alarm (alerts you to 2 hours after a meal), alarm (up to 4 time alarms - to remind you that it's time to measure)

The strips can be used for 24 months.

Easily replaceable and standardized batteries.

Cost-effective model compared to comparable competitive models while maintaining high quality!

Weight: instruments with battery approx. 47.5 g  

Instrument Size: approx. 44.0 (W) x 92.0 (H) x 18.0 mm (H)

Calibration - Plasma equivalent

Blood Source - Fresh Full Capillary Blood

CE 0123, Classification according to European Health Directive 98/79 / EC -IVD Diagnostics.

Package includes : Instrument, 60 SD Codefree test strips, 1x autolancet, lancet needles, 1x 3V DC battery, CR 2032 lithium, 1x travel case, complete EN manual, CELIMED warranty card

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