Sebamed Baby Cream 50 ml -

Sebamed Baby Cream 50 ml


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The Vita-squalene protective moisturizing complex prevents the skin from drying out, soothes it and protects it against harmful substances.

Detailed product information

Baby skin is very delicate with a lack of lipids. It is only in the first months of the child's life that its natural protective coat is formed and therefore tends to dry out. The protective hydrating and softening complex Vita-squalene (lipids and natural ingredients - allantoin and hyaluronic acid) prevents drying, enhances the skin's protective function against the effects of harmful environmental influences and softens soft baby skin. With a pH value of 5.5, it promotes the development of the natural acid skin of the skin. Clinically proven.

  • it does not contain formaldehyde, nitrosamine, dioxin and nitro-moschus compounds
  • effective moisturizing complex prevents skin from drying out
  • panthenol and lipid component promotes protection against skin irritation around the mouth that is in contact with saliva
  • rich in panthenol and allantoin to soften and regenerate irritated skin
  • thanks to the special applicator it is easy to apply and quickly absorbed without grease
  • oil-in-water emulsion

Dermatologically / clinically tested. 


  • For soft skin protection
  • For dry skin
  • Relief for salivary skin

50 ml 

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