SENCOR SCA BA01 Alcohol tester

SENCOR SCA BA01 Alcohol tester


  • $42.50

All drivers should have an alcohol analyzer at hand. After the party, it is a useful tool that will always tell you exactly whether it is safe to sit behind the wheel, ie whether all the alcohol in the blood has been absorbed. You'll use it to make sure you can drive without the risk of causing a potentially serious traffic accident due to reduced susceptibility.

Accurate measurement from 0.1 to 1.5 per mille

The Sencor analyzer will give you accurate measurements from 0.1 to 1.5 per mille. For alarms above 0.2, it warns you that you should not sit behind the wheel. You can choose to show per mille, BAC or mg / l units. You can see the measurement results right away on a digital LCD display with a two-color backlight, which will come in handy at night, for example, when it is dark everywhere - always read the display with an overview.

In addition to the device you will also find three blow tubes. The device is self-cleaning, requires no maintenance from you. Anyone can handle one-button operation. In addition to the graphical signaling, the device also has an audible alert, so if you see harder, you will hear the results and always know exactly how much alcohol you have in your blood.

Technical parameters:

  • Measuring range: 0.1 - 1.5 ‰
  • Alarm value:> 0.2 ‰
  • Unit: ‰ (or% BAC or mg / l; optional)
  • Digital LCD display with two-color backlight
  • Acoustic and graphic signaling
  • Automatic self-cleaning
  • Accessories: 3 blow tubes
  • Dimensions (WxD): 36x98x16 mm
  • Weight: 27g (without battery)

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