SENCOR SOC 3311BK sonic toothbrush


  • $134.50

With a toothbrush from Sencor you get a brilliant smile without caries and plaque. The device operates on oscillation technology, manages to do up to 48,000 oscillation movements per minute. You have a choice of five pre-set cleaning programs for both thorough cleaning and regeneration of sensitive teeth and gums. With the help of vibrations, the bristles of the head reach even hard to reach interdental spaces, so that the results are really maximum and several times better than using a conventional manual brush.

UV sterilizer

With the help of the timer, you will be able to focus on every quarter of your teeth, so you don't miss a spot. The device is equipped with a UV sterilizer, which regularly removes harmful viruses and bacteria, so that oral care will now be even more hygienic. You will be informed of the battery status with the help of the LED indicator so that the brush does not shut down the service just in the middle of cleaning.

Package contents

In addition to the brush itself, you will also find two replaceable heads, a charging station with a stand and a carrying case with a USB connector and a UV sterilizer with a battery.

Technical parameters

  • 5 preset cleaning modes
  • swab speed is up to 48,000 per minute
  • Battery status LED
  • IPX7 degree of waterproof protection
  • battery life up to 45 days for daily cleaning