SENCOR SUB 2700WH electric blanket


  • $82.50

SENCOR SUB 2700WH 220V AC electric blanket

Keep warm even on frosty winter evenings. At the first touch you will love it for its extraordinary softness, soft fleece fabric with Stamp Welding stitching is very pleasing to the bare skin. The blanket has a foam interlayer, so it manages even better to keep cool from the body.

Removable cable with control

Choose one of three temperature levels according to your own preferences; you will be informed of the current settings using the backlit drivers. The blanket can be wrapped or attached to the bed mattress or sofa with the help of rubber clips. The control cable is removable, so you can easily remove the blanket and wash it in the washing machine to keep it clean and soft.

Safe operation

An advanced safety system ensures that there is no danger when using the blanket. The product is equipped with a fuse with electronic overheating protection. Automatic shutdown occurs if the blanket is damaged. In addition, there is an automatic shutdown function after three hours, so there is no risk that the blanket may overheat due to daytime operation.

Size : 160 x 140 cm

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