Sensicutan cream 80 g -

Sensicutan cream 80 g


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Sensicutan cream is used for dermal application to acute and chronic eczema, skin inflammation (e.g., atopic eczema), allergic skin diseases and skin itching in adults and children from 6 years of age.

Detailed product information

Preparation Sensicutan cream has significant anti-inflammatory (reduction of skin reddening and burning), antipruritic, moisturizing (emollient), and regenerative effects . It contains no hormones. In addition, it improves the metabolism of the surface layer of the skin and hence accelerates healing. Sensicutan is therefore used to treat both acute and chronic skin diseases that are accompanied by itching (allergic skin diseases such as atopic eczema and contact dermatitis). The basic signs of skin inflammation are redness and swelling, itching, burning or cutting at the site of the disorder.


Adults and children from 6 years of age apply the cream 2-3 times a day to affected areas of the skin. Sensicutan is also suitable for long-term use for several weeks, but if there is no improvement (withdrawal of redness and itching) within 7 days, or if symptoms get worse (discontinuation of treatment), you shoskin inuld see your doctor.


The active substance is heparin sodium 200 IU (ij) and levomenolum 3 mg in 1 g cream.

The other ingredients are salicylic acid, sorbic acid, ethoxylated alcohols: C 12 -C 16, medium saturated triacylglycerols, myristyl alcohol, tocopherol alpha acetate, dexpanthenol, hydrolysed collagen dispersion, citric acid, virgin almond oil and purified water.


The product should not be applied to open and wetting wounds, mucous membranes or eyes.

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