Sinupret akut 12 coated tablets -

Sinupret akut 12 coated tablets


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Sinupret is used in the acute uncomplicated acute sinusitis with symptoms of nasal discharge, facial pain or headache in adults.

Detailed product information

Sinupret akut is a herbal medicine that relieves symptoms of nasal sinus inflammation such as nasal discharge, nasal congestion and congestion of the nasal mucosa. There may be a facial or headache that often worsens when you lengthen or exert pressure on your affected area of ​​the face. Sinupret akut is used for acute, uncomplicated sinusitis sinupret acut. Sinutret acut tablets are for adults.


Adults use 1 tablet 3 times a day. The product is usually taken for 7-14 days. If symptoms do not improve at this time, talk to your doctor.


The active substance is Herbarum extractum natural for Sinupret siccum ex Gentianae root, Primulae flore, Rumicis herba, Sambuci nigrae flore et verbenae herba (1: 3: 3: 3) 3-6: 1, (m / m). Each coated tablet contains 160.00 mg dry extract.

The other ingredients are sucrose; talc; calcium carbonate (E 170); microcrystalline cellulose; maltodextrin; cellulose powder; hypromellose; spray-dried Arabic gum; hydrophobic colloidal silicon dioxide; colloidal anhydrous silica; titanium dioxide (E171); liquid glucose; magnesium stearate [plant]; stearic acid; chlorophyll powder 25% (contains copper complex of chorofylin E 141); aluminum indigo carmine lacquer (contains indigo carmine E 132 and aluminum hydroxide); carnauba wax; riboflavin (E 101).

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