Siwak Mint Natural Toothbrush 1 pc

Siwak Mint Natural Toothbrush 1 pc


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Are you interested in a healthy lifestyle and traditional proven natural aids? The Siwak brush is a purely natural oral and dental hygiene tool used for thousands of years. This is the root of the Salvadorean Persian tree. It has disinfectant effects, counteracts gum bleeding, reduces plaque formation and reduces tartar formation. It removes stains from the teeth, gives them shine and gently whiten them without damaging the enamel. Chewing refreshes both breath and taste. It offers practical applications because you do not need water or toothpaste to use it . The substances contained in the brush effectively destroy germs.

Main features:

  • effective aid for dental and oral hygiene
  • 100% natural product
  • cleans and shines teeth
  • helps teeth whitening
  • prevents dental plaque and stone formation
  • protects the gums
  • reduces bad breath and refreshes breath
  • contains vitamins and minerals
  • used without water and toothpaste


Root of Salvadorian Persian tree.


Wash with water before use. On one side, remove the upper crust in the width of your little finger. Slowly chew exposed fibers until a fine brush is formed. Slowly start brushing your teeth from top to bottom and vice versa. Clean the teeth from all five sides: inner, outer, two side and chewing surfaces. Also remember the surface of the tongue. When finished, put it back in the travel case, using the end to the hole. Chew and clean several times a day.

Cut the used fibers with a knife every 1-2 days and repeat the process. If the root dries too much, soak it in a glass of water overnight. Use within 1 month. Carry or store at room temperature in a dry place.

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