Sorbothane Sorbo Pro size 42 gel insoles


  • $63.50

Sorbo Pro gel inserts help set the ideal foot axis to center each user's geometry. They are especially designed for athletes who want to comfortably engage in sporting activities with a high load . The stabilizing arch of the insert provides a suitable biomechanical shape for people with excessive foot pronation . Insoles Sorbo Pro are perfectly breathable . Coolmax removes moisture during high intensity activities. The antibacterial top layer prevents odor formation inside the footwear. The inserts can be trimmed to fit your shoes. Size 42.

Gel shoe inserts Sorbothane work in accordance with your body

Did you know that every time your feet hit the ground, a shock wave resonates the body at speeds over 112 km / h? Exposing your feet to such a heavy load can adversely affect the way you move, play and train. Long-term stress leads to faster wear of joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons. Sorbo Pro gel inserts help ensure your feet support , adjust and stimulate your feet correctly . The viscoelastic liner material deforms when the foot strikes, scattering the shock waves laterally rather than upward through the body, thereby relieving the stresses that are exposed to your hips, knees and ankles . Yet your sports boundary is not only preserved, but even exceeded.

Main features:

  • Sorbothane Sorbo Pro gel inserts absorb 94.7% of harmful shock waves
  • protects the joints from the waves of shock caused by the impact of the foot on the ground during exercise and sports
  • offers exceptional comfort while improving performance
  • suitable for high load activities
  • suitable for persons with pronation legs

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