Steens RAW Manuka Honey 85+ MGO 340g

Steens RAW Manuka Honey 85+ MGO 340g


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Raw Manuka honey "multifloral". MGO 85+ certification.
- # 1 New Zealand Premium Quality
- 100% Raw unpasteurized manuka honey from New Zealand
- Award-winning and recognized leader in the premium quality segment with a tradition since 1982
- Certification of authenticity and content of active substances MGO 85+
- MGO = designation for the amount of methylglyoxal contained
- With multifloral category
- Honey from Paul and Sheryl Steens, a small family farm
Steens Manuka Honey is a raw unpasteurized real manuka honey from New Zealand. It comes from bees pollinating the Balmin whiting, a shrub with white-pink flowers originally from Australia and Zealand, where the original indigenous Maori tribes gave it the name Manuka. Manuka flower honey has an exceptional nutritional profile - it contains a whole spectrum of enzymes, amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and other substances with very interesting properties. Manuka honey is also known to be more palatable, richer and fuller than other honeys. This is due to the very high concentration of active substances.
The uniqueness of New Zealand's Manuka
Thanks to testing, New Zealand's Manuka has a proven content of remarkable natural substances that distinguish it from any other honey in the world. Steens manuka honey is tested for authenticity according to strict New Zealand state standards and for purity according to UMF and MGO standards. It is unique due to the unique content of active ingredients and also due to the complexity of obtaining it. Manuka itself blooms only very briefly during the summer months and moreover only if the conditions are favorable. What makes pollination of manual bushes even more difficult is the fact that Manuka has flowers open for only about twelve days. If you don't meet you by this time, you simply don't have Manuku. The last fact that makes harvesting difficult is the remoteness of the hives themselves.
Whole Comb TM technology
Whole Comb TM technology is used in the production of real manuka honey . The common procedure known as "prick and spin", where each honeycomb cell is pierced and then the honey is centrifugally pushed out, leaves a large amount of nutrients in the honeycomb - pollen and bee bread. Whole Comb TM technology separates the entire contents of honeycomb, including bee bread and pollen. Subsequently, only beeswax and impurities are filtered out in a gentle way (at temperatures not exceeding the natural temperature of the hive).
Bee bread, a fermented treasure of nature
Bee bread is a hugely valuable source of nutrients and probably one of the oldest dietary supplements for humans. It is the content of this ingredient and pollen in combination with the source raw material - nectar from Manuka flowers, that brings together a unique and unrepeatable honey.
Bee bread is fermented pollen intended as food for the hive. Bees mix pollen obtained (in this case from Manuka) with honey or nectar and their own saliva. The resulting mixture is stored in small sections in the hive, waxed, and then naturally fermented due to the natural content of natural biocultures. The bees themselves thus produce their own fermented complex food! Bee bread contains all vitamins, more than twenty amino acids, more than twenty minerals, enzymes, biocultures and almost a hundred other substances (natural phenolic compounds, ...) contained in pollen. And all in its natural natural form, thanks to extra fermentation with excellent bioavailability. Bee bread has about three times higher bioavailability than vegetable or bee pollen. According to myths, it was consumed with nectar by ancient Greek gods - they called it ragweed. 
UMF, MGO and MPI certificate
Steens® sleeves are divided into three strict series according to the criteria:
MPI Manuka (MPI = Ministry for Primary Industries) = New Zealand government certificate for honeys that can be described as Manuka, ie. a sufficient content of five active ingredients is guaranteed: manuka pollen, phenylacetic acid, hydrophenylacetic acid, mehoxybenzoic acid and methoxyacetphenone. Honeys that do not contain these substances in sufficient quantities cannot be considered Manuka at all.
MGO (methylglyoxal) = attribute showing the amount of methylglyoxal contained. This substance in the required amount is contained only in some honeys that also meet the criteria for the MPI certificate. It is therefore an even higher category with much more pronounced properties.
UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) = a comprehensive certificate assessing Manuka including in addition to MGO characteristics also leptosperin content (according to it it can be determined whether the honey is only from Manuka New Zealand), dihydroxyacetone content, which is converted to methylglyoxal (its precursor) and hydroxymethylfurfural content. proves that the honey was not overheated. The sum of all four characteristics is available only for monofloral Manuka, ie. Manuka honey originating only from Manuka, not from other plants. It is the highest category of honey with the strongest properties and the highest content of active ingredients.
About the Steens brand
Paul and Sheryl Steens are a married couple of beekeeping enthusiasts who have been pursuing their passion for almost 40 years. During that time, they gained an inexhaustible amount of experience and at the same time always adhered to their principles - to farm with respect for nature, never at its expense, and to provide the purest and highest quality manuka honey that is possible. You can find the Steens at their bee farm in Papamoa Hills, where they still lovingly take care of their hives. Their super-premium quality products have won thousands of fans around the world.
Dosage at any time during the day (approx. 1-2 teaspoons), ideally on an empty stomach.
per 100 g
Energy value
1370 kJ / 327 kcal
0.5 g
of which saturated fatty acids
0.1 g
80 g
of which sugars
78 g
0.4 g
<0.01 g
Raw Manuk honey "multifloral",
Not suitable for children under one year. Store in a dry and cool place, out of reach of children.

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