STOP Cigarette Filter 30 pcs -

STOP Cigarette Filter 30 pcs


  • $17.50

Patented 6-cigarette filter attachment, reducing inhalation tar and other hazardous smoking substances.

Detailed product information

Patented 6-cigarette filter attachment, greatly reducing the amount of inhaled tar and other carcinogenic substances produced by smoking! 

Quitting smoking is difficult, but you can smoke and significantly reduce the dangerous smoke-producing substances you inhale, especially tar. Just use a patented STOP filter . This system actively reduces hazardous substances and improves the taste of the cigarette. 

STOP Cigarette Filter - the world's first six- filter cigarette attachment tested to trap tar and some carcinogenic substances. With this filter you will start to save your lungs and health considerably. Simply put the STOPFILTR on the cigarette filter. It lasts to reduce tar and other substances in 2-4 cigarettes. Then replace the stop filter with a new one. 

EfficiencySTOP filter has been confirmed by the results of a test carried out by an accredited company Arista Laboratories, which specializes in tobacco product analysis 

The STOP filter helps to reduce harmful substances, especially tar. It is best to stop smoking completely for your health. Smoking harms health! 

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