StriVectin Daily Reveal Pads exfoliating pads 60 pcs


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Do you long for perfectly smooth and naturally radiant skin ? Try the effective StriVectin Daily Reveal Pads exfoliating pads that combine the benefits of chemical and manual peeling . The pads remove dead skin cells, support the skin's natural exfoliation and tighten pores at the same time. Clinical research has shown that after only 3 days, the skin is cleaner, more radiant and visibly smoother . The pads are impregnated with a special solution that contains four types of active acids. They work as a very gentle chemical peeling, the effects of which are also supported by manual exfoliation thanks to cushions with special microfibers.


  • they help clean pores and prevent blackheads
  • they brighten the skin and unify its tone
  • they regenerate the skin and reveal its more youthful appearance
  • they remove scales and dead skin cells
  • they leave the skin smooth, soft and radiant 
  • the first visible results after only 3 days 
  • ideal for women and men from 20 years

For visible skin change

StriVectin products work on the basis of the patented NIA-114 ™ technology . This optimized form of vitamin B3 has been clinically proven to strengthen the skin barrier and support the cosmetic effect of other active ingredients for a truly visible result.

StriVectin Daily Reveal Pads exfoliating pads 60 pcs4


Four types of active acids - AHAs, PHAs, BHAs and TXA.


  1. Pass the exfoliating pad over cleansed skin. Use twice a day. 
  2. Then apply serum and moisturizer. 

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