Sugar Test Strips for Beurer GL 42 2 x 25 pcs -

Sugar Test Strips for Beurer GL 42 2 x 25 pcs


  • $59.50

The test strips are designed for the Beurer GL 42 meter. The set contains a total of 50 pieces divided into two packs of 25 pieces. Strips are codefree or no coding.

Detailed product information

Test strips are an integral part of every meter. Your device measures your current blood sugar level, taking these values ​​from a small blood sample found on the test strips. Since it is a disposable supplement that needs to be replaced with a new one after each use, it is important that every diabetic user takes test strips into stock. The company Beurer created a set of spare strips, which are directly intended to meter model GL 42 .

50 pieces per pack

Strips are easy to use. They are codefree, or they don't contain any coding, so anyone can use them anywhere. The package contains a total of 50 pieces of test strips, which are divided into two sets of 25 pieces to make it easier for you to avoid contamination, which could possibly affect the measured values.

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