Sunar Expert HA1,  - 700 g

Sunar Expert HA1, - 700 g


  • $49.50

It contains a unique combination of substances naturally occurring in breast milk.


- Nucleotides

- DHA and ARA

- For infants at risk of allergies

It is intended for feeding infants from birth if they cannot be breast-fed, as well as a dietary procedure to reduce the risk of developing an allergy to cow's milk protein.

It contains hydrolyzed protein, which helps reduce the risk of allergy to cow's milk protein. The risk of allergies is particularly high in infants who cannot be breast-fed and whose family - especially parents or siblings - is already allergic. Sunar premium HA 1+ should not be used in cases where an infant has had an allergy to cow's milk protein or has been treated with it.

When feeding with Sunarem Expert HA 1+, it is not recommended to introduce other diets containing milk proteins. The slightly bitter taste of milk is not a problem. It is caused by the content of hydrolysed protein, which is the essence of hypoallergenic milk.

Package : 700g

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