Swiss NatureVia Vegapure cardio 60 capsules

Swiss NatureVia Vegapure cardio 60 capsules


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The product Vegapure cardio containing esters of plant sterols that help lower blood cholesterol. High cholesterol is a risk factor for developing ischemic heart disease.

Plant sterols are natural substances which are similar in structure to cholesterol. They effectively reduce LDL (bad) and total cholesterol levels in the blood and are the ideal choice for cholesterol . The beneficial effect is obtained when receiving at least 2 g grew. sterols daily. The ester form increases the bioavailability of plant sterols and thus efficiency.

We recommend Vegapure cardio to all who have higher blood cholesterol levels.

How to take Swiss NatureVia Vegapure cardio:

To maintain cholesterol, take 1 capsule twice a day with food. To reduce cholesterol, take 3-4 capsules a day with food. 


Plant sterol esters 650 mg per capsule.

Soybean  oil, gelatin, thickener (glycerine), carob (colorant), purified water.

It may contain  lactose . Does not contain chemical preservatives and synth. dyes, sweeteners, wheat products, gluten or yeast.


Do not exceed the recommended dosage. Avoid consuming more than 3 g of plant sterols per day - do not take more than 4 capsules a day! The product may not be suitable for pregnant and nursing women and children under 5 years of age. It should be used as part of a varied and balanced diet, including regular consumption of fruits and vegetables to maintain carotenoid levels. Persons taking cholesterol lowering medicines should take this product under medical supervision. Keep out of reach of children!

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