Tantum verde Spray 0.15% oral spray 30 ml -

Tantum verde Spray 0.15% oral spray 30 ml

Tantum Verde

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Tantum Verde Spray has anti-inflammation in the neck and mouth, it is disinfecting and relieves pain by making it slightly numb when applied .

Detailed product information

Tantum Verde in the form of sprays disinfects the mouth and throat , helps with inflammation and pain, rather than after spraying it is slightly numb. Tantum Verde Spray can be used by adults, adolescents and children from the age of 6 , and only those children who are able to co- operate (ie, hold breathing during application). Suitable for patients who have problems with stuttering. Tantum Verde Spray is not suitable for use during breastfeeding and during pregnancy only after consultation with a doctor.

When to use:

  • when aphtha occurs
  • when nasopharyngitis
  • in mucosal inflammation of the oral cavity
  • during gum inflammation
  • to supportive treatment after teeth treatment and after surgery in the mouth and throat (always at the recommendation of a doctor) 


Adults and adolescents from 12 years of age apply 4 to 8 injections twice - 6 times a day. Children from 6 to 12 years of age apply 1 - 3 injections twice - 6 times a day. The interval between applications is 1.5-3 hours. Medicine , apply after every meal . If you do not feel better within 7 days, or if you get sick, you should consult a doctor. Do not use the product for more than 14 days without consulting your doctor.


  1. Turn the oral applicator (white tube) into a position perpendicular to the vial.
  2. Apply the applicator to your mouth and aim for the affected area in your mouth or throat.
  3. Firmly press the dosing pump on the top of the vial as many times as the injections are prescribed. One injection is applied during one stroke. Keep breathing during the application.

Before using it for the first time, press the dosing pump a few times to ensure the application of uniform doses. 


The active substance is benzylamine hydrochloride 0.15 g in 100 ml of solution (1 injection is 0.17 ml solution).

The other ingredients are glycerol, ethanol 96%, saccharin, sodium bicarbonate, methylparaben (E218), peppermint flavor, polysorbate 20, purified water.


Tantum Verde Spray contains methylparaben, which can cause allergic reactions (probably delayed).



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