Tears Again 10 ml eye spray -

Tears Again 10 ml eye spray

Tears Again

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ears Again is a liposome-rich eye spray enriched with vitamins A and E to wet the surface of the dry eye and eyelids.

Detailed product information

Tears Again is a liposome eye spray that helps to reduce dry eye irritation . It stabilizes the lipid layer of the tear film, regulates and improves the moisturization of the eye surface and eyelids. Tears Again Eye Spray is used in environmental disorders such as dry eyes, tight eyelids, foreign body sensation in the eye, and burning or itching eyes.

Liposomes soften, moisturize and soften the skin, lower the eyelid's temperature during inflammation, and reduce eye irritation caused by working with the computer, air conditioning, drafts or dry air in the aircraft. They suppress itching, relieve pain and have anti-inflammatory properties.


Apply 1-2 sprays of the product on the closed eyelids 3-4 times a day. More often if necessary. Do not spray the product into open eyes or touch the surface of the eye with a spray. When applying, keep a distance of about 10 cm. A short-lived eye burning sensation may occur if it is accidentally applied to the eyes. This feeling disappears quickly and the eye is not damaged.

If you use eye cosmetics, it is better to use the eye spray before or after applying makeup. 


1 ml contains 10 mg soy lecithin, 8 mg sodium chloride, 8 mg ethanol, 5 mg phenoxyethanol, 0.25 mg vitamin A and 0.02 mg vitamin E.


The product can be used by several people at the same time as there is no contamination. Tears Again should not be used concomitantly with other topical ophthalmic drugs. If your doctor has to prescribe another ophthalmic product, a 10-minute interval should be maintained between the administration of each product. Tears Again must not be used by patients hypersensitive to phenoxyethanol.

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