Teekanne Liver and gallbladder herbal portioned tea 10x2 g

Teekanne Liver and gallbladder herbal portioned tea 10x2 g


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The main ingredients of herbal tea are:
MARINIAN MILK - The  milk thistle fruit contributes to the detoxifying potential of the liver, helping to protect the normal function of the liver, while promoting digestion.
MINT - Mint supports the digestive system, especially the stomach and intestines.
FENYLC - Fennel is a natural source for the well-being of your digestive system and acts against flatulence.
ROOT AND LEAF MEDICINE - Stimulates digestion and contributes to the functions of the intestinal tract.
CHAMBER - helps with flatulence, flatulence and belching.            
Ingredients : Dandelion root and stem 30%
            Peppermint leaf 30%
            Chamomile flower 15%
            Fennel Fruit 10%
            Turmeric Root Yarrow
            Milk Thistle Fruit 5%
Nutrition facts:
Average nutritional data per 100ml boiled brine *:
Energy value 3kJ / 1kcal
Total fats ‹0.1g
Of which saturated fatty acids‹ 0.1g
Total carbohydrates ‹ 0,1g
Of which sugars ‹0,1g
Fiber‹ 0,1g
Protein ‹0,2g
Salt‹ 0,03g
* Assuming the tea bag is watered with 200ml of hot water.
Thank you for choosing Teekanne, 100% pure, functional tea. We develop recipes based on traditional herbs and their effects have been well known for centuries. TEEKANNE, your tea specialist since 1882. Tea, that's TEEKANNE.
Contents : 10 tea bags of 2.0 g (net weight 20 g) + -5%
Preparation: Pour 1 bag of boiling water (approx. 150 ml) and leave to infuse for about 8 minutes.
Dosage: 1-2 cups per day.
Storage: Store in a dry place.

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