TEMTEX Kinesio tape Tourmaline 5 cm x 5 m beige tape


  • $30.50

TEMTEX tape tape kinesio tape Tourmaline is an elastic tape with extraordinary tack that is applied to the injured muscle or joint. It lasts several days on the skin, during which it positively influences it.

Detailed product information

Taping Tape Temtex kinesio tape Tourmaline is a flexible cotton tape with exceptional tack that is applied to injured or problematic muscles or joints. It lasts several days on the skin, during which it positively affects it all the time. Removes pain, promotes healing, helps activate weakened muscles, removes swelling and bruising, centers or stabilizes joints. Perfect for all conditions - even during showering, swimming or sports.

The medical adhesive used is hypoallergenic - it can be used by people with sensitive skin and children. It has an elasticity of 160% - thanks to the high density of cotton fibers and the quality of the polymers used. Latex free - latex is a common source of allergic reactions. Produced in South Korea - Towatek has been producing top taping tapes since 1995. In the Czech Republic it has been the best-selling tape on the market for 8 years - it is also used by the Czech Olympic Representation and most top athletes.

What makes the Temtex Tourmaline tape different?

It differs from the Temtex Classic taping in that it has tourmaline in the glue for the finely ground semi-precious stone, which has a calming effect on the injured muscles.

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