Teva Herpesin cream 5 g

Teva Herpesin cream 5 g


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Herpesin  treats cold sores on the lips and face at the stage of itching, burning or blisters. Clinical studies have shown that early treatment with this product stops the formation of herpes. If herpes has already appeared, treatment with this medicine will speed up its healing . Herpes simplex virus most often causes cold sores. The virus is located in the nerve endings of the lips and surrounding tissues. Haze triggers include physically and mentally demanding periods such as fatigue, stress, menstruation and other hormonal changes, long stays in the sun and colds. The product can be used by adults, adolescents and children.


Apply the cream 5 times a day every 4 hours (except at night). Despite the rapid healing of the herpes, continue to administer the cream for at least 3 days. If the problem persists for more than 10 days or the symptoms of herpes worsen, talk to your doctor about further treatment.


The active substance is aciclovir 5% (50 mg in 1 g cream).

The other ingredients are carbomer 934, sodium hydroxide, dimethicone, cetyl alcohol, sodium lauryl sulphate, methylparaben E218, propylparaben E216 and purified water.


The product is not intended for use on the mucous membranes of the mouth or eyes. After applying the cream to the affected area, it is necessary to wash your hands thoroughly to prevent the infection from spreading to another area.

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