THERMELOVE Acne gel with sulfur 100 ml

THERMELOVE Acne gel with sulfur 100 ml


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Gel containing sulfur thermal water from the natural healing spring of the Velké Losiny spa. THERMELOVE Acne gel with sulfur is suitable for cosmetic skin care with a tendency to  acne or other problems . It contains 2% sulfur and is enriched with extracts of  tea trea oil and thyme . The gel naturally hydrates and keeps the skin in a healthy balance, reducing the production of sebum . It has a calming effect on red and irritated skin and relieves itching.


  • contains 2% sulfur
  • naturally hydrates the skin
  • helps maintain skin balance
  • reduces sebum production
  • helps soothe irritated skin


Almond oil, sulfur, hyaluronic acid, tea tree oil, natural essential oils of lemon grass, thyme and orange.


Apply the gel to cleansed skin and tap gently until absorbed. Use best twice a day. Suitable for face, décolleté and other parts of the body.


It contains sulfur thermal water, which can cause blackening of silver jewelry.

About the brand

THERMELOVE® sulfur spa cosmetics were awarded at a conference of the European Spa Association in Croatia. THERMELOVE® won the ESPA Innovation Awards in the Innovative Spa Products category and received the "Best Innovative Spa Product"  award for using the unique thermal sulfur water from the natural healing springs of the Velké Losiny spa , which has been known for centuries for its beneficial effects on the skin.

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