Traumacel Biodress Disinfect 5pcs

Traumacel Biodress Disinfect 5pcs


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Traumacel Biodress Didinfect is a bioactive absorbable cover and antimicrobial non-adherent highly absorbent cover. Traumacel Biodress Disinfect is suitable for the treatment of non-healing chronic wounds. Thanks to its composition, it reduces the bacterial load, stimulates the healing process, cleans the wound bed and starts the process of granulation and epithelialization. Furthermore, the product reduces the odor of the wound, and thus significantly improves the quality of life and provides greater comfort to patients before the wound heals.

Traumacel Biodress Disinfect is suitable for use in the treatment of infected long-term non-healing wounds that are secretory and painful.

Dosage and method of use

Insert the product into the wound and cover with a non-adherent highly absorbent dressing so that the printed side of the dressing is on top. Replace the cover at 24-hour intervals and, if necessary, at 12-hour intervals. The minimum period of use is 4 days, the maximum period of use is 11 days.


The product contains hydrogen-calcium salt of oxidized cellulose and polyamide knit with chlorhexidine 0.2? 0.5 wt.


Do not apply to dry and necrotic wounds.

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