Urgo FILMOGEL Cold sores 3 ml

Urgo FILMOGEL Cold sores 3 ml


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URGO Filmogel Cold Sores is a liquid dressing that creates a discrete and protective film. It helps to create a suitable environment for healing, relieves pain and protects. It is intended for the treatment of cold sores in adults and children from 3 years of age. It is effective in all stages of herpes. It reduces the growth of herpes and eliminates viruses. At the same time it promotes healing and disappearance of herpes.

After application, it forms a care, discrete and waterproof film. It helps in every stage of sowing.

  • It reduces the onset of herpes sowing and removes the sensations of burning and itching
  • Reduces risk of transmission of infection, reduces cold sore growth and blistering, removes stinging, burning and tingling sensations, relieves pain
  • Supports the healing process

It is easy to apply even in less accessible places (corners of the mouth). Reduces the risk of infection with the disposable applicators included. Suitable for makeup and lipstick.

How to use URGO Filmogel Cold Sores:

Apply the product using a disposable applicator (pack containing 24 applicators) to the affected area of ​​the lips and allow to dry for 1-2 minutes. Apply 2-4 times a day.


Cellulose derivatives, carboxylic and mineral acids, alcohol, citric acid and boric acid (provide acidic pH), castor oil.

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