Uriage Age Protect Multi-Action Night Peeling Cream 50 ml

Uriage Age Protect Multi-Action Night Peeling Cream 50 ml


  • $64.50

Uriage innovation - protection against blue light. HARMFUL ARTIFICIAL LIGHT produces LEDs and digital screens. You spend an average of 6 HOURS a day in front of the screen and each person owns an average of 4 LED LIGHT DEVICES. The patented blue light barrier protects fibroblasts and keratinocytes from oxidative stress. Multifunction Night Peeling Cream helps prevent wrinkles and pigment spots, corrects them, and protects skin against loss of radiance. It offers the skin double regeneration during the night to restore skin cells. Uriage Thermal Water calms and protects the skin barrier.


  • Strong peeling effect - accelerates skin renewal and smoothes the skin surface
  • By oxygenating the skin, it counteracts signs of fatigue
  • It reduces the appearance of pigment spots and weakens the intensity of already existing spots, scars
  • Brightens the skin
  • It unites skin tone


  • Uriage Thermal Water - soothes, hydrates and supplies the necessary minerals
  • Hyaluronic Acid - Firms the skin and fills wrinkles, moisturizes
  • Dragon Blood - a very powerful antioxidant, smoothes, counteracts the loss of elasticity and premature aging
  • Vitamins C and E - against pigment spots, brighten and unify skin tone
  • AHA (high concentration) - accelerates skin renewal and smoothes its surface
  • Watercress extract  - oxygenation of cells
  • Vegetable oils, olive squalene - (acacia, sunflower, wetland) - moisturize and nourish


Apply once or twice a week on a thoroughly clean and dry skin in a thin layer, do not rinse. Thoroughly clean skin in the morning.

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